McAfee helps optimize security and compliance controls, while reducing operational effort and lowering costs. With McAfee solutions, enterprises and public sector agencies can efficiently manage risks from known and emerging threats, and limit the potential repercussions of data loss and noncompliance. Backed by McAfee’s 24/7 Global Threat Intelligence and integrated into a single management platform, McAfee solutions deliver the strong IT controls you need in a streamlined package.

Retail Solutions

McAfee Retail solutions help meet PCI compliance, safeguard the integrity of customer data, and improve security. Our solutions for point-of-sale (POS) systems block the installation of unwanted programs and extend the life of legacy systems - improving ROI and maximizing IT investments.

Security & Compliance for Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

McAfee point-of-sale (POS) solutions demonstrate PCI compliance and improve security through a scalable, extensible, and centralized architecture. Achieving greater ROI on legacy systems, reducing patch urgency, and ensuring that investments in modern solutions don’t compromise the integrity of customer data are three distinct advantages of McAfee POS solutions.

In the retail business, certain security issues - such as regulatory penalties, breaches, and unscheduled downtime - can impact customer confidence and the bottom line. Retailers know they need to address these issues, but the security solutions they deploy often include increased labor costs and require system or network upgrades. Retailers need solutions that extend the ROI of their existing IT infrastructures, which can be complex and distributed, typically including stores with POS checkout terminals, self-check units, cash drawers, information and web kiosks, PCs, and back-office servers.

McAfee offers a comprehensive approach to demonstrating PCI compliance and securing retail store POS, back-office, and related purpose-built solutions across various platforms, regardless of whether they’re legacy, end-of-life, or recently purchased systems. McAfee solutions are equally effective in environments in which network bandwidth is constrained, store assets have limited resources, and frequent patching and anti-malware updates are not an option.

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Solution Brief: Security and PCI Compliance for Retail Point-of-Sale Systems


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