Proofpoint Enterprise Applications


Superior Advanced Threat Protection

Proofpointís next-generation suite of security products provides unmatched protection from todayís cyber attacks. E-mail borne attacks are the #1 threat vector facing most organizations today and have been implicated in numerous high-profile attacks by both cyber criminals and state actors. Proofpoint combines its industry leading secure e-mail gateway with sophisticated dynamic malware analysis, real-time threat intelligence and automated threat response to enable organizations to more effectively detect and block targeted attacks, then quickly respond when a potential compromise has been detected.

Proofpoint Enterprise applications are delivered on a cloud infrastructure and can be deployed as secure, cloud-only solutions, or as hybrid email services that combine SaaS with optional physical or virtual points-of-presence installed behind the enterprise firewall (for customers who prefer to deploy certain functions inside their security perimeter).

Comprehensive Suite

Organizations today face a wide-range of information security risks including advanced targeted attacks, compliance with complex global data privacy regulations and increasing litigation. Proofpoint helps organizations effectively manage all of these risks with a comprehensive suite of information security, compliance and governance solutions. These solutions work together to protect organizations most sensitive information including e-mails, files and social media content.

Cloud and Big Data Platform

Proofpointís solutions are built leveraging the latest cloud and big data technologies. Compared with traditional premise-based security and compliance solutions this enables Proofpoint to:
  • Innovate faster and keep pace with the latest advanced threats
  • Employ sophisticated big-data techniques to greatly improve threat detection and speed information discovery
  • Effectively scale to support even the largest, most complex global organizations
  • Deliver compelling time to value and total cost of ownership

Social and Mobile

Traditional security and compliance products are designed to protect and govern information residing on the corporate network. But in the modern enterprise, your people, data and applications can be anywhere. And most social media security threats never traverse a corporate perimeter. Thatís why todayís defenses must work everywhere. Our cloud-based mobile and social solutions help you combat advanced threats and comply with data-retention regulations to protect your people, data, and brand.


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