Trustwave MailMarshal Email Content Manager (ECM)

Trustwave Email Content Manager (ECM) is a powerful, flexible and scalable tool for monitoring and enforcing email policies. Trustwave ECM simplifies compliance requirements by ensuring email, and all its contents (i.e. text, images, files) adhere to DLP and AUP requirements.

Benefits and Features

Simplify Compliance Requirements
Easily set and enforce a wide variety of policies. In addition to pre-set templates (HIPAA, SOX), rules can be customized based on virtually any message criteria: who (sender/receiver), what (keywords, viruses, message size, files, patterns); and how (block, delete, archive, notify). Trustwave ECM can also auto-archive, retrieve and store messages based on custom criteria.

Prevent accidental or malicious data loss with email monitoring and filtering, deep content inspection of attachments, fingerprint technology and lexical dictionaries that can manage distribution of sensitive content. If potential data loss is identified, restricted files can be quarantined and email notifications can be sent to users and managers.

Enterprise Scalability
The Trustwave Secure Email Gateway array/node architecture enables central policy management and reporting for seamless scalability from 200-20,000+ users. This architecture also supports the Microsoft Exchange high-availability model for essentially no downtime.

Low Total Cost of Ownership
Easy deployment, limitless scalability, minimal administration overhead, consolidated and centralized management along with detailed, centralized and clear reporting in one solution make Trustwave ECM one of the most cost effective internal email solutions available.


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