Endpoint Migration Services

NwTech, Inc has over 17 years of experience helping organizations, large and small, migrate their endpoint security. We have extensive experience with McAfee, Sophos, Kaspersky Lab, Eset, Trend Micro, and most other key players in this space. We will smoothly replace your existing solution with your chosen replacement. Your end users will experience no interruptions to protection or productivity. And because we handle all the key elements for you (uninstall, re-install, rule migration, configuration, and new rule creation), your IT staff won't have to work late nights, or weekends to get it done.
Call for Pricing

Please contact Conrad Lara Senior System's Engineer

Phone: 1-800-535-3353 x 201
Email: clara@nwtechusa.com

Key Advantages
  • Reduced risk
  • When installing any new product, there is the risk of disrupting business continuity. This may occur through lack of experience, with new solution, and potential (undocumented) issues or incompatibilities. The impact could be:
    • Reduced network or end user security
    • Minimal or no downtime, which affects productivity and revenue
    • Network and End User performance issues, including file servers
    • Delays and additional costs in transitioning to the new solution
  • Improved execution
  • NwTech Professional Services gets you migrated faster vs. relying on internal resources (or manufacture technical services)
    • A project delivered right the first time saves money and resources; fault finding and remediation can significantly increase the cost both in money and technical resources
    • Quicker migration reduces time spent on your legacy solutions in both staffing and licensing cost
    • Administrators can focus on higher priority tasks, or new projects

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