McAfee Email Gateway

Benefits: Protect against all inbound threats

Identify and block incoming spam with over 99 percent accuracy while protecting against viruses, malware, phishing, directory harvest, denial of service, bounceback attacks, zero-hour threats, and spam surges; TrustedSourcež helps make it happen

Stop outbound data loss

Prevent data leakage with the most extensive on-box email data loss prevention in the industry that features fingerprinting, lexical analysis, and clustering techniques that supplement keyword and pattern matching to detect both structured and unstructured data; policy-based message handling then prevents outbound data loss

Safeguard sensitive data

Ensure that only the intended recipient of sensitive email content is able to read that content and ease regulatory compliance using integrated, policy-based encryption

Simplify email security management

Take advantage of flexible policy creation and enforcement, and enterprise-class logging and reporting capabilities to simplify administration and compliance workloads-and significantly reduce costs; integrates with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) for comprehensive reporting and dashboard views


Integrated DLP to Stop Data Loss

McAfee Email Gateway includes the industry's most extensive on-box email DLP capabilities to stop the loss of sensitive information via email. McAfee Email Gateway provides industry-leading email content analysis tools to provide the tightest control of sensitive content in any form to aid compliance with many state, national, and international regulations. It can also integrate with McAfee Network DLP Prevent to enhance the solution's ability to correctly identify sensitive data and assist in its safe handling.

Integrated encryption

Get policy-based email encryption that uses a combination of B2B (TLS, S/MIME, and OpenPGP) and B2C (push and pull) technologies to ensure that even recipients without encryption capabilities are able to receive and reply to secure email

TrustedSource global reputation intelligence

Count on TrustedSource(R) to provide predictive security against new and emerging threats. Through a global network of sensors and third-party intelligence sources, it correlates and analyzes the behavior of Internet entities and calculates their current reputation or 'trustworthiness'. McAfee customers use this reputation information to protect their infrastructure against the latest online threats.

McAfee Email Anti-virus

Gain integrated protection against email-borne viruses and malware

Webmail protection

Extend integrated security to Outlook Web Access, iNotes, and other common webmail applications

Image analysis

Detect and enforce your policies for pornographic images in both inbound and outbound messages

Backscatter protection

Identify and block false non-delivery notices forged by viruses and spammers

Pre-built dictionaries and document training tools

Jumpstart your data loss prevention efforts by helping the gateway automatically learn which types of data and documents are sensitive, and which aren't. It includes prebuilt dictionaries for regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX, and includes tools for both keyword and document complianceument compliance




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