McAfee Professional Services for Email Gateway

Minimizing risk and reducing time-to-value

Maximize the effectiveness of your McAfee® solution with McAfee Professional Services for McAfee Email Gateway. Our experts will assist with the Deployment & Management of your McAfee Email Gateway, so that it is optimized to address the specific requirements of your infrastructure. With a high number of IT projects failing to meet the objectives of their initial scope, McAfee Professional Services reduces the risks associated with a new deployment and helps you get the most out of your investment in your McAfee solutions.

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Please contact Conrad Lara Senior System's Engineer

Phone: 1-800-535-3353 x 201

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McAfee Pro Services Data Sheet
McAfee Professional Services

Investing in the architecting and planned deployment of a centrally managed solution not only reduces the risks associated with misconfiguring security products, but also creates a foundation to centrally manage far more than just anti-virus software. Optimizing McAfee Endpoint Protection simplifies management as well as enabling a scalable, resilient solution that will grow with your organization.

McAfee Professional Services only uses consultants that have been through our own intensive training courses and have assisted in many similar deployments. Your infrastructure will be in capable hands, and you will receive an optimal solution for your needs. Our seasoned consultants are backed by the entire McAfee organization, with quick access to product developers, experts in our support organization, and other experts around the world who have had experience with similar deployments.

Statement of Work

McAfee Email Gateway
  • Product Deployment
  • Software Upgrades
  • Custom Policy review and creation
  • Implementing of best practices
  • Custom policy to match corporate policy
  • Review and Reviews to match legal requirement
  • Advise on weak points on policy
  • Advise on changes to meet legal compliance
  • Custom Anti-Spam configuration to increase catch rate and decrease false positives

Reduced risk

When installing any new product, there is the risk of disrupting business continuity. This may occur through misconfiguration of rules and policy settings. The impact could be:
  • Reduced system security

  • System downtime, which affects productivity and revenue

  • System performance issues, including reduced resilience and scalability

  • Delays and additional costs in implementing

Improved time-to-value

McAfee Professional Services gets you operational faster:
  • A project delivered right the first time saves money; fault finding and remediation can add significantly to cost both in money and resources

  • Quicker migration reduces time spent paying for legacy solutions

  • Administrators can become more efficient, enabling them to spend less time managing day-to-day infrastructure operations

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