McAfee Next Generation Firewall

McAfee Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) protects enterprise networks with high-performance, intelligence-aware security controls supported by real-time updates from McAfee’s Security Connected ecosystem. This enables McAfee to deliver the industry’s best evasion prevention along with complete next-generation firewall protections when and where you need it - remote sites, branch offices, data centers, and the network edge.

The McAfee Next Generation Firewall solution starts with a solid foundation of protections, including granular application control, intrusion prevention system (IPS), built-in virtual private network (VPN), and deep packet inspection - all in an efficient, extensible, and highly scalable unified design. Then McAfee adds powerful anti-evasion technologies that decode and normalize network traffic - before inspection and across all protocol layers - to expose and block the most advanced attack methods.

Unified software core - Add security features and capacity, without disrupting your network. With McAfee Next Generation Firewall, a single system design serves multiple roles - next-generation firewall, Layer 2 firewall, firewall/VPN, IPS, remote access gateway, and application control. Integrate multiple security capabilities in a single device, with a single management environment, yet pay only for what you use. Get started with a low initial purchase price, and expand capabilities as needed while keeping TCO low.

Protection against advanced evasion techniques - Get built-in defense against a new class of sophisticated attacks. McAfee Next Generation Firewall analyzes the content in the data stream to protect against known and unknown evasion techniques, even when they are applied on multiple protocol levels, increasing protection against advanced persistent threats and other undesirable traffic.

Centralized management - A single, powerful management platform centrally controls all of the firewalls throughout your corporate infrastructure and remote sites, increasing management efficiency and lowering TCO. Administrators can easily build and apply rules for complex environments - including software, physical, or virtual devices. Actionable reports and a single management system provide real-time visibility into your security posture.

High availability and scalability - Support the security demands of data centers that must deliver uninterrupted uptime and protection. Built-in traffic load balancing and clustering capabilities allow for native active-active clustering and load balancing for up to 16 nodes, where nodes can be different models and different OS that support operating speeds up to 120 Gbps - without requiring a third-party clustering or load balancing product. This flexible design delivers high availability and high throughput.


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