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For businesses that demand world-class protection technologies across every major node on their network, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business delivers our most comprehensive business security solution. In addition to anti-malware for workstations, file servers and mobile devices - plus specialist encryption technologies, flexible endpoint controls and efficiency boosting systems management tools - Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business provides reliable protection for mail servers, collaboration servers and traffic flowing through Internet gateways.

Anti-malware your business can depend on

Kaspersky is widely recognized for its rigorous anti-malware technologies. Our latest anti-malware offering combines signature-based, proactive and cloud-assisted technologies - to provide your business with even better defenses against known, new and emerging threats.

Security for file servers

Although shared storage offers many advantages, the presence of one infected file can spread malware across the corporate network. Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business includes anti-malware protection for file servers - to help your business to benefit from shared storage, without compromising on security.

Enhance your security . . . and save time & money on IT administration

As typical business IT networks become more complex - so does the task of managing them. Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business includes far-reaching systems management capabilities - to ease the load on your IT team and reduce administration costs. From automatic inventories of all hardware and software on your corporate network, through to vulnerability scanning & patch management, plus system provisioning, Kaspersky’s systems management tools help to make complex IT environments much easier to manage.

Protecting your precious business information - even on lost devices

There have been countless incidents whereby a lost laptop, mobile device or removable storage device has led to a leakage of confidential business data. The financial penalties and loss of reputation can have devastating effects on a business. Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business includes powerful data encryption technology - so the loss of a device is far less likely to lead to a damaging leakage of business information.

Preventing hacker attacks . . . and giving your IT team more control

While Kaspersky’s advanced firewall offers another level of protection - effectively controlling inbound and outbound traffic - Kaspersky’s flexible control features help your IT team to manage usage of the web, devices and applications. With Application Control, Device Control and Web Control, your IT team can easily manage which applications are permitted to run on your network, whether specific devices are granted access to your systems and how your employees are permitted to use the Internet.

Securing mobile devices and helping you to enable BYOD

More businesses are realizing the benefits of rolling out a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative that lets employees use their personal mobile devices for business activities. Because Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business includes both mobile security and mobile device management (MDM), you can control and monitor the security of mobile devices that are given access to your corporate systems and data.

Protecting your corporate email

Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business offers easy-to-manage anti-malware and anti-spam protection for mail servers. In addition to delivering efficient, optimized virus scanning, Kaspersky provides intelligent spam filtering - to eliminate dangerous or distracting spam emails and reduce the amount of traffic on your corporate network.

Safer Internet access . . . across your business

Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business includes anti-malware software that protects web traffic flowing through most popular, Windows-based or Linux-based Internet gateways. By automatically removing malicious programs and providing your users with secure Internet access, Kaspersky helps to ensure your employees can work more productively.

Enabling secure collaboration - for greater productivity

Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business includes anti-malware protection for SharePoint platforms - delivering a high detection rate, ease of management and flexible reporting. It provides content & file filtering capabilities that help to enforce internal collaboration policies and prevent the storage of inappropriate content on your systems.

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Anti-Malware for File Servers
Systems Management
Mobile Security
Mobile Device Management
Controls (Application, Device, Web)
Security for Mail
Security for Internet Gateways
Security for Collaboration
Unified Management Console

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