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With an increasingly mobile and diversified workforce, most businesses need to extend their security far beyond traditional boundaries. In addition to delivering Kasperskyís award-winning anti-malware technologies, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT adds mobile security, file server security and flexible control technologies that help you to ensure compliance with your security policies.

Deeper protection for your business . . . its data . . . and its reputation

Kasperskyís anti-malware technologies deliver multi-layer defenses to protect your systems and sensitive business data from todayís increasingly sophisticated threats. With a combination of signature-based, proactive and cloud-enabled technologies - plus special features including our Network Attack Blocker and two-way firewall - Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT does more to keep your business secure.

Preventing the spread of malware among servers

A single infected file on one of your servers has the potential to affect every computer on your corporate network - and that can severely damage business productivity. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT includes essential anti-malware for file servers - to protect servers running Microsoft Windows, Linux and Novell NetWare against malware.

Enabling mobile access and secure BYOD

Multi-level mobile security technologies help you to defend your business against the security risks that can result from enabling mobile access to your corporate systems. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT, can help you to benefit from the cost savings and productivity gains that a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative can deliver - while Kaspersky technologies protect you against viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, bots and a wide range of other threats.

Saving time and money - by simplifying mobile management

With integrated mobile security and mobile device management (MDM), Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT makes it easier to control how mobile devices access your business systems. As soon as a mobile device appears on your network, itís visible to your administrators - so they can rapidly start managing the deviceís security and how the device interacts with your systems.

Powerful control tools - to help you enforce your security policies

Kasperskyís Application Control, Device Control and Web Control technologies help to deliver a much deeper level of defense for your data and systems - so your IT team can easily control how applications run and manage how employees use the web and removable devices. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT helps you to enforce your corporate security policies - across your business and your workforce.

Preconfigured for immediate protection

As soon as Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT is installed on your corporate network, Kaspersky technologies are ready to start protecting your business. Furthermore, because itís supplied complete with Kasperskyís centralized management console - Kaspersky Security Center - itís easy to tailor the configuration of all Kaspersky security technologies your business runs- including any Kaspersky Targeted Security Solutions that you add.

Tailoring your IT security to your requirements

If you need to add further security or management capabilities for your IT environment, Kasperskyís Targeted Security Solutions offer a range of additional technologies that can complement your Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT solution. You can choose to add protection for storage, virtualization, mail, Internet gateways or collaboration . . . or wide-ranging systems management functionality.

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Anti-Malware for File Servers
Mobile Security
Mobile Device Management
Controls (Application, Device, Web)
Unified Management Console

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