Secure Web Gateway

Web access for employees is business critical and cannot be avoided. However, IT departments also face the challenge of how to accommodate trends like the rise of cloud applications and BYOD initiatives without compromising network security and bandwith. CensorNet SWG provides organisations with enterprise-class web access control, filtering and reporting whilst safely enabling the adoption of cloud applications.

The demand for cloud applications is unprecedented and the binary "allow" or "block" approach of traditional web security proxies either restricts cloud adoption or opens the flood gates to potential data breaches or misuse; in both cases having a negative impact. CensorNet SWG allows organizations to embrace the cloud application revolution by implementing discovery and analysis functionality across all devices used on the corporate network.

In addition, the solution provides a wide range of web access control functionality such as real-time anti-malware scanning, URL reputation analysis of billions of web pages, real-time image content scanning and a robust and sophisticated policy and reporting engine.

Key Features

Security - provides robust web security and cloud application control capabilities including malware and web-born threat protection, URL reputation and image scanning technology. Light or deep SSL scanning included as standard.

Management - provides a flexible policy engine, time and quota setting by user or device group and includes authentication, cloud application discover and easy BYOD adoption.

Reporting - offers real-time reporting including visibility of productivity and compliance by user, domain and actions, cloud application analysis, top trends and bandwidths as well as a customized report builder.

Deployment - the software can be deployed on a virtual server or physical server and is optimized for the most demanding networks.

Key Benefits

Increase network security - prevents accidental or intentional access to malware, inappropriate and illegal web-based content using the latest real-time scanning technology from BitDefender.

Shine the light on Shadow IT - discovers in real-time what cloud applications are in use across a broad spectrum of services, from Cloud Storage and CRM to e-mail and social networking.

Safe cloud application adoption - embrace cloud applications safe in the knowledge that actions within them, such as file uploads, posting messages and storing data, can be made visible and risk attributed.

Enable BYOD - allows employees to use their own devices and extends their web access policy to those devices for a consistent web-browsing experience.

Increase productivity - embraces cloud applications, BYOD initiatives and limits access to time wasting websites during working hours.

Improve bandwidth availability - blocks or restricts access to bandwidth intensive downloads or applications.

Achieve compliance - helps compliance with BECTA, CIPA and other regulatory compliance related to web activity.

Rapid return on investment - prevents malware outbreak and associated down-time and costs which delivers instant return on investment.

Low total cost of ownership - a simple licensing model based on actual usage, easy deployment and no hardware or 3rd party software licensing requirements.

Reduce legal risk exposure - blocks known illegal content, inappropriate images and web content and creates an audit trail of activity for every user on the network should evidence be required.


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