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By doing this in the cloud it removes the processing and bandwidth burden on the local email server and also provides a layer of resilience in case of local mail server failures. It can, if required, backup unlimited email for up to seven years for complete peace of mind and can also provide an emergency inbox in the event of local mail server failure, which means employees are not left without email capability due to unexpected failure.

At the core of MailSafe is a sophisticated rules engine that allows the IT administrator to customize exactly how email flows in and out of the organization. The rules engine can inspect all aspects of email, including content, attachments, size, headers, recipients to name but a few and take appropriate action, such as quarantine, re-route, notify, reject and more.

Key Features

Security - incorporates multi-layers of security and provides inbound and outbound email protection across the whole organization by removing email-born malware threats and spam before the email is delivered to your mail server - thus improving bandwidth and increasing mail server resources.

Management - backs up email for regulatory compliance for up to seven years and enables email access even if the local mail server has failed.

Reporting - provides complete visibility on inbound and outbound messages for your domain(s). Audit allows for examination of the exact reason an email was delivered or rejected, including the conversation with the remote email server. Chart and table reports can be generated based on the rules triggering and actions taken for all inbound and outbound email.

Deployment - zero upfront investment in hardware or software required. Quick and easy deployment by redirecting domain MX records to MailSafe cloud.

Key Benefits

Increase security - prevents accidental access to malware by removing infected email messages and attachments before they reach your network. Blocks phishing emails that appear genuine and redirects to quarantine.

Prevent data loss - notifies instantly or blocks email messages that match content rules relating to confidential or sensitive information.

Increase up-time - ensures business continuity in the case of local email server failure by allowing employees to use the MailSafe portal to read, reploy, and compose emails.

Improve bandwidth - blocking spam in the cloud means only clean email messages are delivered to the local network, reducing the amount of bandwidth and resources required on mail servers.

Rapid return on investment - preventing malware outbreaks and reducing spam messages deliver an instant return on investment.

Low total cost of ownership - a simple licensing model based on the number of mailboxes to manage, easy deployment, and no hardware or software licensing requirements.

Reduce legal risk exposure - use the SecureMail feature to send messages that are never stored on the recipients computer and are access through an encrypted portal. Use the rules engine to block e-mail containing sensitive content and optionally backup all inbound and outbound email for later review.


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