Desktop Monitoring

There is no substitute for video evidence and Desktop Monitoring will record all user activity as a video together with metadata that adds context to the recording such as time, username, application name and key strokes. The metadata helps to quickly search for activity across all recordings and can also be used to trigger alerts. The solution uses advanced compression and a sophisticated communication protocol to reduce network traffic and storage.

Desktop Monitoring is compatible with all versions of Windows, numerous remote access tools, devices with multiple-monitors and can also record Linux-based command line activity. In addition to reviewing video, the administrator can also view activity as a live video stream, export snippets of video and continue to record devices even when they leave the network.

Desktop Monitoring can be used for a variety of tasks including privileged user monitoring, terminal services activity monitoring, data loss prevention, helpdesk and application training.

Key Features

Security - Records all user activity as a video and search based on metadata to quickly find relevant recordings across all monitored devices.

Management - Disallows generic usernames so that all users can be identified.

Reporting - Monitors exactly what users are doing; applications used, files accessed, key words typed. Engine instantly notifies the IT department of potential violations or suspicious activity.

Deployment - Agent can be deployed automatically by installation wizard, manually via USB stick or via network share. Optimized for low network throughput and minimum storage requirements.

Key Benefits

Increase security - Records all user activity as video for future evidence in case of security breach as a result of inappropriate employee activity or privileged user access. Video playback can be used as part of legal action or to avoid it altogether.

Identify privileged user access - knows the real username that has logged in as "administrator".

Prevent data loss - Instant notification if key words are entered that are considered suspicious or applications are accessed that are considered highly confidential.

Improve training - Session recordings can be used to train staff on best practice use of applications, for helpdesk troubleshooting and behaviour analysis.

Incident investigation - Allows quick access to video recording as part of an investigation into a specific action and search by username, time, application, key words and then replay the video.

Low total cost of ownership - A simple licensing model based on the number of devices to record with simple installation and deployment.


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