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Email Encryption for Healthcare

A Case for Email Encryption

Improve Compliance, Secure PHI and Protect Relationships
Healthcare organizations face an ongoing compliance burden involving the protection of sensitive patient data. The task of safeguarding data grows increasingly complex as the organization's environment adapts to advancing threats and shifting technology trends. Once simply in record rooms and on desktops, now protected health information (PHI) is mostly electronic, on the move via email and, in email, is likely being viewed on smartphones and tablets. Securing PHI in email will not only meet a regulatory compliance need but will protect an organization's reputation.

The Final Rule
Achieving compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privace Rule and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, while always important, became a top priority with the announcement of the Final Rule. Expanding obligations to even more organizations in the healthcare industry, the Final Rule provides federal protections for PHI held by covered entities, their business associates and sub-contractors and reaffirms the standard that PHI should be rendered "unusable, unreadable, or indecipherable to unauthorized users."

If a breach of unsecured PHI occurs, covered entities and any related business associates and sub-contractors must provide notification of the breach to affected individuals and the HHS Secretary. If a breach affects 500 individuals or more, the breach is published on the OCR breach list and media outlets serving the affected individuals' state or jurisdiction must be notified.

Outdated Technology Creates Risks
Business is no longer conducted behind a desk. Mobile devices have expanded the workplace and work hours, and more users spend time on email than any other mobile app. Outdated email encryption solutions haven't kept pace with increasing dependence on mobile devices, forcing users to overcome distorted screen layouts and numerous complex steps. The results are stifled productivity, user frustration and security workarounds.

ZixCorp, the Leader in Email Encryption
Email encryption should not be difficult. Recognizing the evolving needs of your company, employees, patients and partners, Zix Email Encryption provides innovative secure email that is just as easy to use as regular email. Our top advancements include:
  • Automatic Scanning of Employee Emails
  • Convenient Deliver for Recipients
  • Smooth Mobile Experience
Taking the Next Step
Healthcare organizations face a heavy compliance burden. Check one thing off your list. With the right solution, email encryption can be an easy way to protect a top source of vulnerability for your organization.


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