Enable your business with TRITON™ Mobile Security.

When your data goes mobile your risk goes up.
Today's most serious security threats blend email and Web attacks to snag sensitive data. When you add mobile devices with cloud-based apps and free access to social sites, your security risks can skyrocket. Websense TRITON Mobile Security is the only cloud security solution that extends your existing security policies to mobile devices to help secure your data, reduce your risk, and enable your business - wherever you and your employees go.

It's the data, not the device
The consumerization of IT is hitting hard. Personal and corporate-owned devices are flooding the workplace. Companies need to secure these devices, and they are turning to mobile device management (MDM). But MDM is not enough.

MDM needs mobile security
Sure an MDM solution gives you device controls - but will it protect what matters most, the data? No. An MDM solution does not protect against phishing attacks, malware, malicious apps, or data theft or loss. But a mobile security solution can. With Websense® TRITON™ Mobile Security you get:
  • Unified content analysis that integrates Web, email, and data security to stop advanced, targeted, and blended attacks.
  • Enterprise-class data loss prevention (DLP) for email that guards both incoming and outgoing communications.
  • Flexible, dual policy management that supports separate policies for corporate devices and personal devices.
  • Protection from malicious apps, helping to keep your device and data safe from emerging mobile app threats.
  • Simplified, single-console management and detailed reporting to reduce cost and complexities - and free up IT staff to focus on other projects.
  • Vital MDM features such as password enforcement, remote lock/wipe, and encryption to provide front-line defense.
What's the secret?
Websense is the industry leader in Web security with real-time contextual security protection provided by the Advanced Classification Engine (ACE). Real-time analytic updates come from the Websense® ThreatSeeker® Network, which collects data from more than 900 million endpoints and analyzes up to 5 billion Web pages per day - making it the largest security intelligence network with direct social networking awareness. Our industry leading Web security solution is paired with data-aware defenses and MDM features to control mobile devices for security, risk, and compliance.

How does it work?
  • ACE provides mobile users with real-time security for Web threats, mobile malware, and malicious mobile applications.
  • Vital MDM features such as password enforcement, remote lock and wipe, and other features make it easy to secure and manage mobile devices.
  • A pure cloud solution allows provisioning of devices through a profile, providing protection without diminishing the user experience.

Websense TRITON Mobile Security provides Web, email DLP, and mobile app protection for users across the globe. For more information, download the white paper and the datasheet.


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