Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud

All businesses are vulnerable to the same expanding range of cyberthreats - but some businesses are more prepared than others. Cybercriminals know that enterprises and multinationals have invested heavily in IT security. That’s why the criminals are launching more attacks against medium-size businesses - that they now regard as ‘soft targets’.

A single attack - against an unprepared business can result in:
  • Loss of sensitive business data - including intellectual property
  • Leakage of confidential information about customers and employees
  • Damage to employee productivity - which directly affects profitability

  • Because small to medium-size businesses can't afford the extensive, in-house IT teams that larger businesses have, they need security that's easy to set up & run and even enables remote management by external consultants.

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud covers the specific needs of small-to-medium-size businesses - helping to secure all their Windows endpoints & file servers and Android & iOS mobile devices. Its industry-leading protection is rapid to implement, roll out and run. There's no need to buy additional hardware - and all security settings can be managed from any location via any online device.

    Centralized Management Simplifies Security
    All security functions - across all Windows desktops, laptops & file servers, plus Android and iOS mobile devices - can be set up and managed via a central management console. You don't need any special IT security skills to operate the console and manage your security - plus it's easy to define security policies that you can apply across all your endpoints.

    Cloud-based Console - for Flexible Administration
    The ready-to-use, cloud-based console lets administrators use almost any online device to set up and adjust all protection features - for all endpoints. If you choose to subcontract your IT security management, the cloud-based console makes it easy for your external consultant to manage your security remotely. Because the console is hosted in the cloud, you won't need to buy or maintain any additional hardware - and initial set up can be extremely rapid.

    Award-winning security technologies protect Windows desktops, laptops and file servers against known and unknown IT threats - including cryptors and other types of ransomware attacks. Multiple laysers of security include traditional, proactive and cloud-assisted anti-malware for files, mail and Web - plus our powerful Firewall, Network Attack Blocker and System Watcher technologies. The solution is delivered with default security policies - developed by our security experts - so all your devices can benefit from immediate protection.

    Advanced mobile security technologies help to defend your Android and iOS devices against the latest mobile threats - including the growing number of cryptors and other attacks. Anti-phishing protects against websites that try to steal confidential information or identity details. Rooting and jailbreak incidents are automatically detected - so insecure devices can be automatically blocked. Call & text filtering - for Android devices - helps you filter out unwanted calls and texts.

    Device control tools make it easy to manage which devices are allowed to access your corporate IT network. In addition, our Web Control tools help you to set up Internet access policies and to monitor Internet usage. It's easy to prohibit, limit or allow users' activities on individual websites or categories of sites.

    Because all functions are managed from the cloud, there's no need to download a management console onto any of your servers. Instead, you just visit the cloud-based console - at cloud.kaspersky.com - and start rolling out the security software to your PCs, file servers and mobile devices.

    Our mobile device management (MDM) functionality includes remotely operated features that make it easy to enable smartphones and tablets onto your corporate network, define Wi-Fi network & Bluetooth configuration, control password complexity, manage camera usage and regulate other parameters. Because the iOS MDM server is automatically deployed in the cloud, you won't need any additional hardware to manage your iOS devices.

    If a mobile device is lost or stolen, remotely operated security features help to protect your corporate data. Administrators can lock the missing device - and either delete all data or only delete corporate data.

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