Checkpoint Cloud Security

The Challenge for Small Business
Growing quickly and safely can be difficult for small businesses. As a small business, you worry about survival, and as you grow to a medium size you worry about dozens of issues; from expanding your product line, to meeting sales goals, and from protecting your customers to beating your competition to market. You want a secure network, but how many people can you justify in your IT department? Security does not have to mean a large IT staff.

But it's difficult to find competitively-priced, scalable solutions that will grow with your requirements, giving you access to the right skills at the righ time. CheckPoint is here to be your security services arm. We give you the access to experts, and the dept of resources you need to thrive in today's turbulent threat landscape.

Your Solution
By combining cost-effective edge security technology with managed security services that focus on excellence, you get a complete service solution, providing peace of mind by ensuring the security of customers critical IT perimeter and core infrastructure.

Your security infrastructure will be monitored and managed 24/7/365 by our security experts providing your full insight in to any actions performed through our security portal. Monitored conditions of interest will be investigated, evaluated, addressed and remediated, providing your business with full transparency into all actions taken.

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